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Useful Stuff for Film Editors

Over time I’ve posted a few suggestions of great editing books, editing equipment reviews and links to other must have ‘stuff’ for film editors. I thought it would be handy to have them all in one place and I’ll keep updating this page as I post more about other great new editing stuff.

Best Headphones For Film Editors

What are the best headphones for film editors? This post details some of the best headphones around for film editors and which pair I eventually went for. It also describes some of the technical details that make for good headphones.

If you end up getting a pair of headphones after reading this post I’d love to know what you went for and how you got on!


Books on Film Editing

I love reading and I love reading about editing. Its great to find books that either teach you more about your craft and more about the great editors of old. So far I’ve written several posts about all kinds of different books; from Books for Creatives Everyone Should Read to Books on Business for the Digital Age.

More specifically there is a 2 part post on Books on Film Editing (Part 1 & Part 2) and a host of other published resources I’ve recommended to learn more about film editing. If you’re after a good read, just check out the ‘books category‘ for the latest posts.


Which harddrive should I buy for video editing?

If you’re trying to decide which harddrive you need to buy for your HD video editing project then these recommendations should have you covered, whatever your projects scale, scope and budget. There’s also a few pointers in hopefully non-technical language, that explain why you need to get the right kind of drive. There’s also some handy free apps to help you calculate your storage capacity needs.

Which harddrive is best for HD video editing?

DVD Extras For Film Editors

Everyone needs a little inspiration from time to time and personally I love geeking out to the behind the scenes extras (when they have real substance and not just a dpk fluff) of some of my favourite films. To that end I’ve put together a shortlist of some of my favourite DVD extras that a film editor might enjoy….


The Best Thunderbolt Devices for Film Editors

In this rather epic round up I’ve tried to bring together a selection of the best Thunderbolt (1&2) devices for film editors looking to expand their edit suites. Check out which Thunderbolt RAID, PCIe expansion chassis, video I/O, hard drive, docking station, hub or adaptor could help you make the most of the speed and power of Thunderbolt.

If you’re after some thoughts on the best Thunderbolt 2 RAID’s around check out this extensive round up.

Thunderbolt Devices for Film Editors

The Best Keyboards, Controllers, Tablets and More

Best controllers for film editingFilm editors need to be fast and efficient. That comes from time and experience but also from having the right tool for the job.

In this detailed post you can find the best keyboards, programmable controllers, interfaces, and gaming mice to improve your day to day life as a film editor.

You can also learn some great tips on how to get much more from your Wacom tablet and make sure your suite is set up for an ergonomically sustainable career.


Installing an SSD & Upgrading Your OS With Clean Install

One of the best ways to speed up your Macbook Pro laptop is to install a high speed Solid State Drive (SSD) and max out your RAM. Check out this step by step guide on how to do just that, as well as performing a clean installation of Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

Best SSD For Macbook Pro 17


Best Microphone For Recording Voice Over

If you ever need to record some decent sound voice over on a reasonable budget then this post should help you find what you need. Whether its a simple plug-n-play USB microphone or a more professional (and expensive) XLR condenser mic with USB powered pre-amp, check out your options, and hear about the gear I went for.

 Best Microphones for recording Voice Over

Wacom Tablets & Why You Need To Get One

I’m a huge advocate of editing with a Wacom Tablet. Personally I have the Intuos 4 Medium and its a life saver. Having edited for years with a mouse I started getting tingles in my hand, shoulder pain and clicking elbows and joints. Since I’ve purchased a Wacom Tablet everything but the clicking has disappeared, and I probably just need to get more fish oil for those joints! Its the best money I’ve ever spent on editing gear. Period.

Why I love to edit with my Wacom Tablet

Essential Ergonomics

Invest in your creative career – The Importance of Ergonomics