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The Best High End Stock Video Footage Sites

The Best High End Stock Video Footage Sites Compared There has never been a better time to make use of royalty free stock video footage in your edit. This is because there are (finally!) some truly...

3 Ways to Understand ACES

What is ACES and how does it work in Post Production? What do Editors and Colorists need to know to start their first ACES project? Read on to find out!

How To Be a VFX Editor

What does a VFX Editor do? How do you become one? What skills do you need? What tasks must you master? All these questions are answered!

Better Colour Grading in Black and White

Better Black and White Colour Grading There is something about black and white cinematography that simply makes for more captivating images. This supercut of beautiful black and white cinematography...

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Affordable Colour Grading Monitors

Affordable Colour Grading Monitors Last Update – May 2021 (Complete rewrite!) If I was to recommend an affordable colour grading monitor it would be the ASUS Pro Art PA329C (2019) because it...