Jonny Elwyn is a freelance film editor and writer, living and working in London, UK.

As a freelance film editor he works for a diverse range of clients, handling everything from on-set rushes and offline editorial through to the final sound mix and colour grade.

As a freelance writer he has written for sites like,, and RedsharkNews among others.

He is also the author of How To Be A Freelance Creative, a deeply practical guide to building a successful freelance career.

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I get asked all the time to write about specific brands and products. Very occasionally, I agree to do so if I think the product would be of genuine interest to myself or my readers.

In these instances I ask the company to cover the cost of the time it takes to research, write and update the content. This is what a sponsored post means on my blog.

I retain complete editorial control, I write what I like and I say what I want. That’s the deal.

To provide some context, there are well over 700 posts on this site (and counting) and so far four of them have been sponsored.

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