Premiere Pro Next Vs FCPX 10.0.8

Premiere Pro Vs FCPX – Updated NLE’s

If you’ve been following the NAB 2013 announcements you’ll know that Adobe is making steady strides towards the professional post-production market with plenty of new features that editors have been requesting for quite some time.

Also in the run up to NAB Apple went on a charm offensive; getting some articles in the LA Times about FCPX and releasing some new ‘pro user case studies‘ on their site. This came in the midst of a small update to FCPX 10.0.8.

FCPX Vs Premiere Pro

So where does that put the humble editor searching for another NLE to learn? Well in a holding pattern for the minute. Adobe’s features aren’t yet available and there is hope that Apple might announce a few new things in the next few months after NAB. Larry Jordan has his own inklings about the next FCPX update:

I expect the next update to Final Cut Pro X to contain major new features, but be built on the same foundation as the current FCP X. I also think it is likely that a new, supporting application will be released at the same time. Logic is the application that comes first to mind, as audio is still a major hole in FCP X.

The best updates to FCPX 10.0.8 are:

  • Support for Sony XAVC codec up to 4K resolution
  • Option to display ProRes Log C files from ARRI ALEXA cameras with standard Rec. 709 colour and contrast level

The Sony XAVC codec will allow editors to work with Sony’s F5 & F55 cameras in 4K.

What’s new in Premiere Pro?

Paste Attributes in Premiere Pro CS7The updates that Adobe have made have gotten a lot (pre-prepared) bloggers salivating. For an in-depth review check out Scott Simmons PVC report or Strypes in Post on LAFCPUG or Clay Asbury on Premium Beat. Studio Daily has a broader overview of the whole suite of Adobe’s updates. For the official update list check out Adobe’s official site.

Paste Attributes is an amazing time-saver that I often use in FCP7 so its nice to see it’s being finessed in all the other NLE’s (except Avid of course)

Scott Simmons recorded this two part interview with Al Mooney about the new features in Premiere. has a whole host of short videos that walk you through the new features:

Media Management

Speedgrade Roundtripping

Single Sequence XML

New Timeline Panel

Multicam Syncing based on Audio

Audio Clip Mixer

Five New Keyboard Shortcuts

Trim to Zero Duration

Sorting in Icon View

Snapping to the playhead

Smart Render for Pro Res & Preview

Ripple to Playhead

Paste Attributes

New Nest Behaviours

Match Source

Join Through Edits

Duplicate Frame Detection

Symmetrical Transition Trims

For previous posts on Premiere and FCPX battling it out and for some funny videos on both NLE’s check out these previous posts:

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  • Hi buddy:

    If you compare the upgrade version from Premiere CS 6 to CS 7 in Adobe Software (update version) you must write the all FCP X features updates from 10.0.0 to 10.0.8 or the future 10.1 version, not a FCP X minor update.

    • This is a good point! Thanks for taking the time to comment. If people want to check out details on previous FCPX updates please check out the FCPX category.

      • Not sure that’s really true. FCPX has been out for 2 years. So if you are comparing updates between the two, it would be comparable to updates found in Adobe CS6 and CS7.

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