Final Cut Pro X Vs Premiere Pro CS6

Which is better FCP X or Premiere Pro CS6?

In the run up to NAB (in a couple of days) Adobe are hitting the internet hard to get people excited about CS6, while Apple have quietly updated FCPX to 10.0.4 with a few minor bug fixes.

The more I wrestle with which program to jump to the more I remember that the only really important thing is shipping good story. How you get there is sort of irrelevant in the long run. Although I don’t want to be ‘left behind’…

Future Feature Updates to FCP X

UPDATE: Larry Jordan has announced that Apple have previewed some future features for FCPX including Red Camera Support, MXF Support, Dual Viewers (Apple’s new version of Source/Record monitors) and multi channel audio editing tools.

Apple have posted this article on their site describing how US TV show Leverage uses Final Cut Pro X to edit their primetime network program. Its interesting to note how many important parts of the workflow are covered by third party apps. Here is another article about, which has a fully FCPX workflow.

What’s new in Production Premium CS6?

Meanwhile Adobe have released a large selection of videos pointing out the new features and improvements in CS6. Be forewarned the dialogue is thick with buzz words and sales talk. Check them all out here. Studio Daily also have a detailed and useful run down of the main new features in CS6 and what they really mean for editors and After Effects users in practice.

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