The Current State of Post-Production

Editors on Post Production Trends

The Editor’s Lounge Pre-NAB panel is celebrating its 10th year in style with this extremely lively discussion between Debra Kaufman (Creative Cow) and featuring Terence Curren (Alpha Dogs), Michael Kammes (Keycode Media), Dan Lebental (Film Editor & Touch Edit creator) and Mark Raudonis (Senior VP Post Production, Bunim-Murray).

Pre NAB 2013 – Part 1

01:02 Introductions
03:32 Trends: Thumbs up, thumbs down
04:39 Does 3D have a future?
05:35 3D: Theatrical vs Broadcast
07:03 3D: Production vs Conversion
10:16 4K Television
11:38 Deferring framing and focus decisions for post
15:43 What does reality TV gain from 4K?
17:26 High Frame Rate
22:00 HFR: Is the payoff worth the cost?
27:20 HPA study on viewing habits

Pre NAB 2013 – Part 2

00:00 Multi-screen
03:08 How will multi-screen trickle down to post?
05:15 App Writer as post-facility job position?
06:52 The Cloud and remote editing
08:12 Remote and on-set post solutions
10:01 Remote editing as lifestyle choice
12:15 Changing nature of traditional editing tools
14:35 Will brick-and-mortar post facilities disappear?
17:21 Editing tools: Thumbs up, thumbs down
19:27 Happy 10th Anniversary!

Pre NAB 2013 – Part 3

00:15 NLEs: Avid
04:31 NLEs: Apple
11:30 NLEs: Adobe
12:21 What do editors want?
19:36 Is film dead?
23:34 Is LTO the only real archival solution?
25:10 Is videotape dead?

Pre NAB 2013 – Part 4

00:13 What is the panel looking for at this year’s NAB?
05:08 Via Twitter: Is H.265 ready to unveil at NAB?
05:39 Via Twitter: Could HFR become the norm for sports?
05:48 Via Twitter: Does post have a future with Ultra-HD?
06:39 VFX and post industry slump
10:04 Q&A: What do assistant editors want?
17:29 More on the AE path to becoming an editor…
24:18 Q&A: Is digital now meeting cinema?
25:02 Q&A: Why not thumbs-up on new digital frontiers?
26:23 Q&A: MacPro?
27:14 Q&A: How long until filmmakers can bypass studios’ distribution stranglehold?

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