Comparing Final Cut Pro X vs Premiere Pro CS6

Which is better? FCPX or Premiere?

No Film School posted a write up about this 45 minute presentation from Ric Lanciotti of the The Pacific Northwest College of Art. Its an in depth video with point by point comparisons of many of the key features you might be looking for when deciding which NLE to move to. As the No Film School write up points out it is quite geared towards students and not ”professional editors” but if you’re looking to find your first editing software you will learn a lot of useful things, or more importantly if you’re a professional editor who has been focused on one NLE for years you’ll learn a few things too.

Tips for Premiere Pro – Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts are one the most important things to learn to speed up your editing and this video from Richard Harrington should get you started with the keyboard shortcuts in Premiere Pro CS6. If you want a complete listing of the shortcut presets in CS6 check out this link to the Adobe help page.

Tips for FCP X – Audio Editing

These two episodes from MacBreak Studio walk through some of the new audio features in the recently updated FCPX 10.0.6. The first episode talks through ‘audio component editing’ – which is basically editing multi-channel audio. The second episode demonstrates the audio component editing features in reference to multi-cam editing.

Organisation is also crucial for keeping any editing project on the rails and these two posts from Premium Beat will walk you through how to organise your footage in FCPX including how to rate clips, add keywords and then filter those clips to make the most of all that metadata. Check out Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

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