DaVinci Resolve 10

DaVinci Resolve 10

The company making the most amount of noise and online clamour at this years NAB (as they were last year too) was Blackmagic Design. They’ve released two new cameras, one of which will fit in your pocket and another that will deliver 4K, more interesting for colorists is the newly updated DaVinci Resolve 10, which is now an online editor too!

In this first video Tim Siddons from BMD provides a decent overview of the newest features in the update. In the video below he goes on to provide a broader technical overview of Resolve and its integration with some of their other releases this year.

Updated Features in Resolve 10

DaVinci Resolve 10

For a full list of what’s new in Resolve 10 check out this list on the BMD forum. And if you want to know what won’t be in the Lite version check out this comparison page on Blackmagic Design’s site. Here’s a quick snap shot of just some of the new features:

Resolve Live 
• Grade Live incoming SDI video

New Editing Enhancements for Project Finishing
• Multi track video and audio editing
• High quality optical flow image processing
• Static, lower third, scroll and crawl titles
• Three point and four point fit-to-fill editing
• Audio level controls with track mixing
• Stereoscopic 3D editing

New Color Correction Enhancements
• Support for an unlimited number of industry standard OpenFX plug-ins per clip
• Unlimited Power Windows per node
• New Gradient Power Window
• Motion Effects palette – In full version of DaVinci Resolve
• Motion blur – In full version of DaVinci Resolve
• CinemaDNG and ARRI Raw decoder options for half and quarter resolution
• Debayer and image scaling quality modes for systems with low GPU power
• Enhanced Lightbox display with colour correction controls and SDI output
• Node based PTZR controls
• Splitter and Combiners Nodes for single channel effects
• Global grade bypass for quick before/after grade review

Opinions on DaVinci Resolve 10

DaVinci Resolve 10

So what are people saying? Well everyone seems excited about getting their hands on the new DaVinci Resolve, but everyone will have to wait until Q3. What I don’t understand is why a company like BMD can so aggressively deliver huge updates and offer them for free to existing customers and the rest of the world for free via their Lite edition and other companies struggle to squeeze out the same update schedule. Anyway. Huzzah for BMD!

Dan Moran, a colorist in London, and co-founder of Mixing Light has posted up his initial thoughts on Resolve 10. He’s most excited about the new Open Effects Support:

OFX support is the most important new feature of this release. This architecture will support any OFX plug-in so if you want do use something like Neat Video’s noise reduction plugin you can! Resolve just got a hell of a lot more flexible for me in my commercial workflow.

Update: DaVinci Resolve 10 Demos

Colorist Rob Bessette gives a 20 minute demo of DaVinci Resolve 10 on the NAB show floor to Mathieu Marano from FinalCut Montreal. Really great stuff – can’t wait to download the Lite version! For more from Rob on Resolve check out this free 2 hour colour grading lecture he gave at Rule Boston Camera.

Alexis Van Hurkman also presented a DaVinci Resolve 10 demo at the NAB Supermeet. When that’s online I will be sure to post it here too.

UPDATE: Here is Alexis’ 30 min NAB demo thanks to Rick Young’s filming prowess.


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