Editing Tips from the Editor of The Amazing Spiderman

Editing Tips from Alan Edward Bell

Alan Edward Bell editor of The Amazing Spiderman and 500 Days of Summer has added two more tutorials to his blog one (above) on how to do basic rotoscoping in order to create a split screen to change the timing of a performance.

The third tutorial is a short one on how to fix ‘focus buzzes’ on a shot. By focus buzz Alan means when a character dips in and out of focus briefly and in a ‘mild’ fashion. A great tip to rescue your best take. Alan is using Eyeon Fusion but most of these techniques could be achieved in After Effects or other compositing programs.

Check out this previous post on Alan’s first tutorial and a great behind the scenes feature about using similar techniques in The Social Network. If you want to learn more about Eyeon Fusion then check out this previous post with a free webinar from Alan on how he uses it on his VFX heavy features.

Why you should follow Alan on Twitter

Alan is also great value on Twitter. Follow him @AlanEBell for some great insights. Here are a few of my recent favourites….

On his edit suite equipment, I presume editing The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

On editing with a Wacom – For more on this Why You should Edit With a Wacom

On Cutting 3D or 2D

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