Editing with VFX in mind…

Editing in your own VFX

If you’ve not watched Alan Edward Bell’s 30 minute webinar on the visual effects that he temped into his offline cuts of The Amazing Spiderman, then sit down and skill up. He makes a compelling argument for learning how to be able to do your own comps and temp effects right there on the timeline. Creative Cow also has a good article on the post workflow Bell used on the film.

What is Eyeon Fusion?

If you’ve never heard of Eyeon’s Fusion compositing software before then check out these  10 video introductions to the ‘10 best reasons‘ to get into using Fusion.

Intro to Fusion Workflow

A more low-fi approach

If the idea of doing your own VFX is appealing but Fusion looks a bit too complex then get some inspiration from this previous blog post in which director Gareth Edwards share’s his VFX philosophy and some of the behind the scenes techniques he employed in creating all of the final effects for his low budget sci-fi hit Monsters.

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