How to be a DIT – Part 2

Learning to be a DIT

If you’re impressed by things like the LightIron’s onset post production labs and want to learn more about what it takes to be a DIT then check out this free webinar on creating dailies using Assimilate Scratch, by DIT John Scott Mills.

The webinar is freely available (above) along with a bunch of other Assimilate Webinars on Assimilate’s vimeo channel but if you give away your email you can get a few more extra freebies (interviews and bonus tutorial etc) then sign up on Moviola’s webinars on demand site.

This old episode from FXGuide has a lengthy discussion with a feature’s DIT at about 18 minutes in with an Australian DIT working on some of the first RED feature films…

Sean from Cineground has an interesting blog post about using Outpost on a 3D gig shooting on Sony F65’s which are turning over 1TB drives per hour.

Also check out two of my previous posts on DIT life:

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