FCP7 editors moving to Avid or Premiere Pro

Moving from FCP7 to Avid MC6

If you’re thinking of moving to Avid Media Composer 6 then this free white paper from Avid should give you a heads up on what you’ll need to know to make the transition smoothly, especially if you want to continue with a Pro Res workflow.

Steve Hullfish on PVC has begun blogging about the similarities and differences between MC6 and FCP7. In this first post he’s covering keyboard shortcuts, but will be digging deeper into the differing tool sets in future posts.

Techniques for transitioning from FCP7

As more editors move to ‘other’ NLE’s from Final Cut Pro 7 tips and techniques for making those new editing software platforms more like the old are emerging. This video from Splice Training in Canada demonstrates how to make AVID act more like FCP7 through customising keyboard shortcuts.

Premiere Pro’s ‘missing FCP’ features

Scott Simmons from the ProVideo Coalition has an interesting post about some of the features and tools that FCP editors might find lacking when moving to Premiere Pro…

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