Download Free DaVinci Resolve Film Print Emulation LUTs

Free Film Print Emulation LUTs for Resolve

download free luts

If you’re looking to give your DaVinci Resolve grade a ‘film look’ then these free film print emulation LUTS from Juan Melara will add some real finesse to your project.


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What is a Film Print Emulation LUT & Why do you use it?

A film print emulation LUT previews how your image will look like when printed onto a target film stock. It accurately emulates the density and colour response of the film to give you an accurate preview on your grading monitor prior to going to print.

Applying a print LUT is the probably the best “film look” treatment I’ve seen and the easiest way to make your digital footage look like film. What print LUTs do to the colours and highlight rolloff in your footage is about as close as I’ve seen to a one click “make awesome” button. Your images will still need work and you will still need to know how to colour correct and grade, but your work can look so much better.

You should definitely check out Juan’s site for a much more detailed explanation and step by step guide of how to apply LUTS in DaVinci Resolve.

Download them here and install them here Macintosh HD > Library > Application Support > Blackmagic Design > Davinci Resolve > LUT > CineSpace

free film print emulation luts

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