Learning to edit documentaries – Respect the process

Free Seminar on how to edit documentaries

If you’re looking to learn how to edit documentaries and want a full run down of a tried and tested documentary editorial process then Richard Speziale’s free 45 minute seminar is just what you’re looking for. Richard covers everything from how to log your footage, to why getting transcripts is so crucial to the edit. What’s great about this seminar is that Richard details a process that you really do need to respect if you want a smooth editorial process. Does it sound like a lot of work? Yes it does but its a process that has worked for a very long time and for good reason.

Another great lecture on how to edit documentaries

If you’re a more seasoned editor then this other great free lecture from editor Steve Audette is a real gem and well worth a watch. Steve has edited for FrontLine and Nova and demonstrates the importance of creativity in documentary editing. Part One is below, check out the full post for the entire lecture.

If you’re after even more of the same check out the Documentaries category.

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