Twitter Tips for Avid Editors Part 3

Even more Twitter Tips for Avid Editors

In this third instalment of my growing series of Twitter based tips for Avid editors, from Avid editors you can learn a lot of very useful things. The best way to get the most out of each Tweet is to hit the date stamp and read the full conversation, for example the tweet above launched a conversation 19 tweets long…

One of the editors who has featured here most often is Josh Short – originally tweeting under the handle @shortedits, he has recently renamed his Twitter handle to @editvideofaster – in line with a brand new website he is in the process of building, called It’s being added to but I’m sure Josh will have great content so be sure to check back regularly.

Also check out Twitter Tips for Avid Editors Part One & Part Two plus the Avid category (62 posts and counting) on the right hand side of this blog, including my series of posts called ‘Diary of An Avid Switcher‘ – which I shall hopefully be continuing soon, so stay tuned for that!

Editing Tips For Avid Editors

In this, and the next, tweet from author and Avid trainer Benjamin Hershleder you can also download a high res version of this image which makes it much easier to pick up his three great monitor tips. If you like this kind of thing then you should definitely check out Ben’s Avid Media Composer Cookbook.


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