Colour Grading Tutorials and Resources for DaVinci Resolve and more

Grading Tutorials for DaVinci Resolve and more

If you want to grow as a colorist then tutorials like this one from colorist Matt Scott will help you improve your art, craft and technique. That and everything else in this post! In this tutorial Matt talks through creating a film look in Edius 7 Pro, but you can easily transplant the ideas to DaVinci Resolve or your NLE of choice.

In this short tutorial from Denver Riddle he covers the topic of shot to shot matching, working in FCPX.

In this two-part tutorial from filmmaker Tom Antos you can get a good look of how to grade a war film in Premiere Pro, making use of Red Giant’s Colorista.

Download Free Grading Test Shots

Another very helpful thing Matt has to offer is a download’s section stuffed with great looking, free, original camera raw footage that you can take a crack at grading for yourself, including the shot he grades in the tutorial above. Head over to Matt’s site to download everything from R3D 2k at 300fps to R3D RAW 4k and 5k.

DaVinci Resolve 10 Tutorials

In this excellent tutorial colorist Rob Bessette breaks down how he created a couple of different looks for a recent pool commercial. For more of a taster of the kind of commercial work Rob does – check out his reel below. If you like Rob’s tutorials you can get more of them over on subscription site Mixing

Speaking of Mixing Light you can check out this trailer for a series of tutorials from London based colorist Dan Moran, to get a feel for just a few of the kind of things you can learn in return for your subscription fee, on Mixing Light.

Chris Hall works through how to keep your shots consistent throughout a scene. An incredibly important skill to master! Below you can check out Chris’ grading reel too. For even more Anatomy of a Grade tutorials check out this previous post.

In this 10 minute tutorial from Curtis Judd you can learn how to perform the essential elements of secondary correction in a task like whitening the talent’s teeth.

Adding Graphics in DaVinci Resolve 10

The Film Bakery has an interesting write up of using DaVinci Resolve as your finishing tool, performing online tasks like adding in your final graphics and audio mixes inside Resolve, rather than round-tripping to your NLE.

Lastly, in this quick tutorial you can learn how the offset tool in DaVinci Resolve works and how to use it effectively when grading.

Twitter Tips for Colorists

To round out this rather long post, here are a bunch of twitter goodies (mostly from @j_salvo) that you might want to check out in more detail, by reading the full thread of each tweet. Colorist, author and trainer Alexis Van Hurkman was recently a guest on Twitter Q+A-athon #postchat, and you can check out the full transcript here, (and a whole load more!) thanks to @editorliam.



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