Adobe Speedgrade CC Tips & Tutorials

Tips and Tutorials for Adobe Speedgrade CC

The latest release of Speedgrade allows you to ‘direct link’ between Premiere Pro which means that you now no longer need to render out new media after grading. There are limitations with this workflow and these are also discussed in this tutorial from Josh Weiss at Check out Adobe’s official Direct link help page here, for more information.

For two free downloads grab the official Adobe Speedgrade keyboard shortcut pdf as well as colorist Mathieu Morano’s free keyboard shortcut guide. If you want to know what else is new in Speedgrade CC check out this Adobe TV introduction.

Speedgrade Tutorials

As mentioned in my Best Training on For Film Editors post, Pat Inhofer from Mixing Light has a great introductory series for anyone looking to grade with Speedgrade CC. Here are all the freebies from (These embeds always appear as black boxes for some reason so just click play to find out what each freebie covers!)

Speedlooks in Speedgrade

This series of tutorials from walks you through some of the essential elements of getting to grips with Speedgrade and how to use their 3D LUTs, dubbed Speedlooks inside of Speedgrade, Premiere Pro and Resolve 9.

Edit Conform in Speedgrade & CS6 Tutorials

In this tutorial SpliceNPost demonstrates how to conform edit sequences from Avid, FCP, Premiere Pro ready for grading.

UPDATE: NoFilmSchool recently pointed out this series of tutorials on getting started with Speedgrade, also from SpliceNPost on the CS6 version of Speedgrade, but still all very applicable information. The first four tutorials are a tour of the interface and how to find your way around the workings of the program, followed by a couple of shorter quick tips on displaying burn in timecode correctly and layer compositing.


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