Recently Updated Posts on the Blog

Recently Updated Posts on the Blog


If you’ve been a loyal reader of this blog for any time you’ll likely know that I often go back and update posts, sometimes many, many times.

This week rather than posting a whole new post I thought I’d put together a quick hit list of some recently update posts that you might want to re-visit.

I’ve been updating my Best Black Friday Deals for Film Editors post, every – single – day this week and there is still time to save on many of these discounts and deals before the week is up.

So don’t miss out – have a good rummage through the hand-picked Amazon deals and all of the Post Production companies and services deals I’ve compiled together.

Affordable Colour Grading Monitors

affordable colour grading monitors 2018

I recently spent a bit of time keeping this popular post updated with a few more recent models for your consideration that roughly fit my criteria for an affordable colour grading monitor;

  • True 10-bit (not 8 bit +FRC)
  • 31 or 32″ in size (I would argue 27″ is physically a bit limiting)
  • Preferably true 4K (4096 not 4K UHD’s 3840)
  • Not too expensive – around £1000/$1200

Take a look for yourself by jumping down to the ‘Affordable Colour Grading Monitors – a few options’ section.

Using the Mac Mini 2018 for Video Editing

This post has seen several recent updates including:

  • a comparison of the speed and cost of internal storage vs Thunderbolt 3 external storage (you can see me transfer a 10GB file in under 10 seconds)
  • using an iPad Pro as primary display
  • Barefeats compares the Mac Mini to other Macs and with various eGPU options.
  • How to upgrade the RAM yourself

Read Using the Mac Mini for Video Editing

Editing Mission:Impossible Fallout

Editing Mission Impossible Fallout

I’ve just updated this fairly massive post which chronicles the post production of Mission:Impossible – Fallout from the perspective of editor Eddie Hamilton but also his core team of 1st and 2nd Assistants, editorial trainees and more.

You can find out what special features are on the blu-ray – a lot most notably:

  • Commentary by director Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise
  • Commentary by director Christopher McQuarrie and editor Eddie Hamilton
  • Commentary by composer Lorne Balfe

But also read an excellent and detailed interview (Part 2 of the Avid Blog Interview) with 2nd Assistant Ryan Axe (pictured above) which walks you through some of the key tasks he faced in the job. A great opportunity to learn!

That at the nearly 6 hours of conversation from director Christopher McQuarrie on the Empire podcast!

Download Free 4K Lens Flares

I’ve recently updated this post with a whole bunch more free 4K lens flares for you to spice up your edits with, from Premiumbeat and Rampant Design. Plus who doesn’t like free?!

The Making of Blade Runner 2049

If any post has seen the most updates in one year it almost certainly has to be my massive making of post on Blade Runner 2049.

I’ve recently added some more videos to the post focusing on the amazing sound design work, which are well worth a watch.

Inside Mindhunter‘s Post Production

Editor Vashi Nedomansky is revisiting his love for Mindhunter, with this short video essay, and you can too with this much longer round up on the series’ post production.

Better Editing Through Sound Design

There are new videos in the A Quiet Place sound design case study and the ‘Music and Film’ section too.

Reinventing the (grading) wheel with Cinema Grade

A new 20 minute demonstration and review from colorist Jason Bowdach, helps to round out my review of Cinema Grade’s whole new way of polishing your images.

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