FCPX Twitter Tips

FCPX Twitter Tips

There are some really generous FCPX editors out there who are willing to take the time to share their expertise with the rest of us. In this post I’ve drawn together some excellent FCPX Twitter tips from some of those fine editors (I’m sure there are many more!).

As always it’s worth clicking on the date stamp of any given tweet to see the full conversation, or click on the image to enlarge it and learn even more useful tips. I’ve grouped these by person, just for ease of navigation! It’s interesting to note that video essay supremo, Tony Zhou creator of Every Frame a Painting, uses FCPX for superior organisational functionality.

First up @fcpxpert1, Charlie Austin. Recently Charlie has been posting some excellent animated gif tips, which you can keep up to date with in this post on his blog. He has also shared numerous great video tutorials, many of which are featured in this previous FCPX tutorial post.

FCPX Tips from Alex 4D

Alex Golner is one of the UK’s most generous FCPX editors, in that he not only gives away plenty of wisdom and insight on his blog, but he also creates and shares a tonne of excellent, and free FCPX plugins too. Follow Alex on Twitter here.

FCPX Editors – T Payton and Timetraveller

These two editors are well worth following on Twitter, not least for the tips, but also for things like T Payton’s excellent Youtube channel. Follow @TPayton and @timetraveller_

More FCPX Tips from FCPX Editors

Here are some more great Twitter tips for FCPX editors from a handful of other FCPX editors (@doubleprecision, @benhalsall – who also has a good YouTube channel) . It’s worth checking out @marcplanb‘s excellent FCPX eXchange talk here, and Thomas Grove Carter’s interesting FCPX tutorials, and this FCPX Feature Film Workflow post featuring Hollywood FCPX editor Jan Kovac (@s0nofab1tch)

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