Post Production on LOOPER

Cloud-based visual effects on LOOPER

There are plenty of interesting goodies floating around the internet around the release of Looper and you can find some of the best ones compiled here. To kick things off Oliver Peter’s has an insiders look at some of the visual effects work created for the film by Atomic Fiction, a cloud based VFX company, working out of Emeryville California. Peter’s gets into how they handled the 35mm anamorphic aspect ratio and the underpinnings of their business model.

Theatrical Director’s Commentary

Director Rian-Johnson is definitely making the most of social media jazz to pack more people into his screenings and this free commentary to watch on your ‘second’ visit to the film is definitely an idea that will soon be copied by other entrepreneurial directors. (The idea is simple – just download the mp3, take it to the cinema and listen along). I wish this was something that more directors, editors, DPs etc would do for their own movies on DVD’s and blu-rays that don’t feature commentaries. They could even charge a buck.

Two unofficial Looper Trailers

This first unofficial trailer was created by Rian Johnson after he finished the script to help sell the concept and approach of the film. Which is a little similar to this trailer for Daredevil that circulated a while back and was in a post about cutting trailers.

This second trailer was created by Zachary Johnson (Rian’s cousin) and Noah Fisher and the score is from Looper which is by Rian’s other cousin Nathan Johnson. (All that family history comes from

Rian Johnson In Interview

DP30 has this half hour chat/interview with Rian and Joseph-Gorden Levitt.

Making has this half hour interview from 2011 with Rian on screenwriting and his filmmaking process in general.

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