Free Tutorials For Learning FCPX

46 Tutorials Learning FCPX

If you’re interested in learning FCPX then having 46 feature by feature tutorials on hand will definitely help get you started. Dan Allen has created them and has compiled them into a handy list. There’s tutorials on everything from using the basics of precision editor to compiling smart keyword collections.

How to export audio stems from FCPX (ever a great resource for post production tips) has a short post on how to export audio stems using the roles feature in FCPX. Audio stems are essentially the different audio ‘layers’ in a project grouped together for easy exporting. Eg. having all your music on one layer, dialogue on another, sound effects etc etc. With the magnetic timeline there’s no way like the old way of tracks, of exporting these stems, but roles will let you do it regardless of which ‘track’ your audio is on.

Using adjustment layers in FCPX

Macbreak Studio is always worth watching as the boys from Ripple Training, Mark Spencer and Steve Martin hash-out a new post production tip or technique on an incredibly regular basis. In this episode below they talk about creating ‘adjustment layers’ that enable you to apply the same effect/s to a group of shots at once.

For even more FCPX Tutorials check out this previous beefy post….

Final Cut Pro X Tutorials

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