Creating a Look Node by Node in DaVinci Resolve

4 Part Node by Node Breakdown Tutorial Series

Jesse Borkowski has put together this excellent 4 part tutorial series walking through how he created  specific look for a music video in DaVinci Resolve. In the first part he sets up the projects seconds, then works through primary correction, secondary correction and finally using power windows.

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Jonny Elwyn - A freelance film editor, living and working in London.
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6 Responses to Creating a Look Node by Node in DaVinci Resolve

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  2. vivian says:

    Thanks Johnny, these resolve tutorials are really helpful, and well explained.

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  4. jacques says:

    I really echo the saying of VIVIAN, truly clear and adapted. I have a free version of dvinci lite 9.1 that I haven’t been able to use. thanks for that

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