Tips For New FCPX Editors

A Round Up of Tips For FCPX Editors

If you’re new to editing in FCPX then hopefully this large collection of quick tips should help you learn to get faster, smoother and more productive in Final Cut Pro X.

Organisational Tips

Oliver Peter’s ever excellent site has this essential article on getting your project organised inside FCPX and then keeping it that way. Well worth a read and be sure to click on all the images for full size pictures.

Organising inside FCPX

Project Tips

Check out these two tips on organising your events in FCPX, one from Larry Jordan on organising them inside FCPX and one from Ripple Training on using the $5 app Event Manager X to do the work for you.

Larry Jordan also has another excellent step by step guide on changing your project settings if you really need to…

Most of the time, when you create a project, the settings are fine; especially when you let your Project auto-configure itself based upon the first clip you edit into it.

However, every so often, you edit the wrong type clip in first and the Project configures incorrectly, or you want to change the image size, or the render format.

Keyboard Tips & Shortcuts

Here are a few shortcuts I scribbled down while at Larry Jordan’s BVE2013 talk.

E to drop clip from browser to end of sequence
D will overwrite at playhead
W insert edit at playhead
Q connected clip above ‘track 1’.
Option & cmd click to change connected clip connection.
P position tool. Allows you to move clips but without magmatic timeline.
.  , move frames l left and right
Ctrl+t  creates default title
Shift+ctrl+t creates default lower third in FCPX 10.6 is a great site with a cool interactive keyboard that helps you nail you keyboard shortcuts for several different apps including Premiere Pro CS6, After Effects CS6, Motion 5 and of course FCPX.

FCPX Keyboard Shortcuts

Editing Tips

PremiumBeat has a great collection of FCPX tips on stuff like:

Enabling/Disabling and linking/unlinking clips

Selective rendering and controlling background renders.

Exporting a high resolution quicktime

Exporting out of FCPX

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