Four DaVinci Resolve Tutorials

Four DaVinci Resolve Tutorials

Here is another quick round up of some of the most recent DaVinci Resolve tutorials to hit the web. For a ton more post on DaVinci Resolve check out the Resolve and Colour Grading categories on this site.

Secondary Colour Correction

Jesse Borkowski demonstrates how to use the HSL qualifiers to isolate parts of your image for effective secondary colour correction. If you’re learning to grade then you can’t live without this technique!

Coloured Noise Reduction

In this great tutorial from Paul Del Vecchio shows how to remove chroma noise from the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera footage, but the technique would work for any ‘noisy footage’ from other cameras. In the free Lite version of Resolve you don’t have access to the noise reduction feature so you won’t be able to apply the noise reduction in the way Paul does but you can still see how to affect just the colour information in your image for blurring or sharpening etc.

Adding Scratches, Grain and ‘Fogging’ Material

In this short tutorial colorist Warren Eagles from the ICA demonstrates a great walkthrough of how to apply footage from his Scratch FX footage library in Resolve. If you’re wondering how to add grain to your footage, or layer in dust, scratches film burns and more then this will take you through it.

Creating a Split Channel Look

In this quick tip from Gray Marshall you can learn how to separate your red, green and blue channels of your image and then combine them back together to give you the potential to do some fun things with your footage. For an example of a much subtler split channel grade check out this tutorial I posted on

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