DaVinci Resolve v9.0.1 Tips

Tips for using DaVinci Resolve 9.0.1

Blackmagic Design have released another update for DaVinci Resolve which adds a few extra things like CinemaDNG highlight recovery. You can download DaVinci Resolve Lite v9.0.1 for free at www.blackmagicdesign.com. Patrick Inhofer (@patInhofer) tweeted to say that ‘Sync Master Timeline’ option is back in 9.0.1. Enable & MasterTimeline now opens to shot in Media Pool. And Alexis Van Hurkman (@hurkman) also tweeted to say: The System Overview panel of the Preferences lets you check what GPU & what version of the RED ROCKET driver & firmware you have. It is also recommended that you upgrade to the latest version of the NVIDIA Cuda driver.

Working with RAW files in Resolve 9

Dan Moran from Smoke and Mirrors right here in London, has a really useful 20 minute tutorial on getting started with Resolve and covers a simple post workflow for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and how to grade its RAW files. He also demonstrates how to create preset looks and a few fundamental grading techniques.

Grading a TV Commercial in Resolve

The Film Bakery has a great post on grading a TV commercial in Resolve, detailing some of its most useful features and how they were used to grade the shots. Its great to be able to watch the ungraded and graded versions. You can even download the project file and pro-res media to noodle about in the grade or do your own version. Be sure to click on the images to get the lovely big screen grabs.

Grading a horror film with Patrick Inhofer

If you want to learn Resolve in a way that combines both information (how to do stuff) with technique (why to do stuff) then Patrick Inhofer at Tao of Color is about to release a ‘grade-a-long’ training series which shows how he graded Dead Man’s Lake in Resolve 9. Patrick also interviewed the director and producer of Dead Man’s Lake on his podcast.


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