Colorists Resources Round Up Part 2

Useful Resources for Learning Colorists

The last post I did called Colorist Resources was very popular so here is yet another round up of some of the latest tips and tutorials to hit the web. If you want even more colour grading posts check out the categories links on the right hand side of the site ->

Using the Blur Palette in DaVinci Resolve 9.1

In this short tutorial Jesse Borkowski talks through how to use the blur palette in DaVinci Resolve 9.1. Its a handy follow up to some of Jesse’s other tutorials (Series 1Series 2), providing a more in-depth look at the tools in the blur palette.

Discussion With Colorist Jim Wicks

“When you approach color restoring old film prints, you cannot approach it the same way that you would a ‘new’ film… If there’s a green wash over a shot of a forest, how do you remove the green wash without effecting the green trees? This film was the hardest I’ve had to work on to date. –  Jim Wicks on restoring La Escondida, 1956.

Tom Parish interviews Jim Wicks about his work on restoring vintage spanish language films through DaVinci Resolve. It’s a fascinating discussion not only about Jim’s career, the film business at large and also the process of colour restoring 35mm old prints.

Creating a Faded Film Look

Heading back the other way if you want to make your film look old and faded in a 60’s/70’s style then Aaron Williams has a thorough step by step guide on how to do just that. Aaron used Adobe Speedgrade to create his look but you could apply his technique in any software.

Creating a faded film look

Alexis Van Hurkman’s NAB Round Up

If you’re wondering what you might have missed in all the NAB hubbub then colorist and trainer Alexis Van Hurkman (who demoed Resolve 10 at the Las Vegas Supermeet) has a lengthy round up of the monitors, calibration devices and new software releases he picked up on while walking the floor this year. Well worth a read.

NAB 2013 Colorists Round Up

FXGuide – 10 Colour Grading Podcasts

Journey to The Centre of The EarthJosh Petok posted this great list of 10 colour grading podcasts from’s excellent site. The list features interviews with colorists working on major Hollywood films like Harry Potter, Saving Private Ryan and er, Journey To The Centre of The Earth.

I have previously linked to some of these great interviews via a post on Premium Beat’s blog with some other great interviews with working colorists from all sides of the globe.

2 Tips from a great free newsletter

These next links comes from Patrick Inhofer’s ever excellent free Tao of Color weekly newsletter. Its always a delight to rummage through Patricks’ eclectic round up of curated resources from around the web. You’d be crazy not to sign up for it, its free!

DaVinci resolve Layer Mixer

First of all colorist Nikolai Waldman has a whole bunch of his tutorials on his site, including this quick tip on using layer mixer nodes instead of parallel nodes. The next link from Patrick is to an interesting article on how colours affect our purchasing decisions and brand impressions.

How colours affect us

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