5 Things To Do While At EditFest & Supermeet London

5 Things To Do In London – Editor’s Weekend

The weekend of the 28th and 29th of June is a big one in the editor/geek’s calendar. Not only is EditFest coming to London for the first time, but the night before, the Supermeet team will be in town too!

The Right Stuff

Edit Fest LondonTo get tickets to EditFest London – which will feature an incredible line up of high calibre film and TV editors like Chris Dickens (Slum Dog Millionaire, Les Miserables) Eddie Hamilton (Kick Ass 1&2) and John Wilson (Billy Elliot) – and check in on the latest schedule updates, hit the Edit Fest site. For a taster of previous Edit Fests – check out the AOTG archive.

The day will culiminate with an in-depth discussion between Anne V Coates (Lawrence of Arabia, Out of Sight*, Erin Brokovich) and Tom Rolf (Taxi Driver, The Right Stuff*, War Games). *If you’ve not seen The Right Stuff its old school filmmaking at its best and you should definitely watch it! The same goes for the sublime Out of Sight.

UPDATE: Editors drinks – Gordon Burkell of AOTG fame will be leading the charge to the pub (The John Snow, 8-11pm) on the Saturday night for some further drinks and editor chat.  A great opportunity to swap tall post-production tales and actually meet people from twitter!

Anne V Coates Film Editor

Third Annual London Supermeet

Third Annual London Supermeet

The friday night will see the Supermeet come to London for the third time. Having been along last year it will great to be there again in person rather than hoping and waiting for videos to hit the internet. There is also the opportunity to win some amazing prizes via the world famous Supermeet Raffle – as each and every entry ticket includes two raffle tickets. Remember to get your whoop on when you win! Buy tickets directly here (£10.90)

5 Things To Do While In London

“Why, Sir, you find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” – Samuel Johnson

Here are 5 small suggestions on how to have a good time in London while you’re here stocking up on editing and post-production gold.

1. Buy a decent Coffee

Workshop Coffee

The independent coffee scene has exploded in the last few years and you’d be a fool to venture into a Starbucks, Costa, Neros or any other chain when a far superior coffee is to be had on almost every street corner. (Yes, there is an app for that) Personal favourites include Speak EasyPrufrock, Caffe Vergano 1882, Workshop, Flat White, Foxcroft & Ginger, Monmouth and many many more.

2. Buy a decent burger

honest burgers, best in london

London is full of tourist traps. Luckily we’ll be in the centre of soho for the Edit Fest London event so you should avoid most of them and when you get peckish you must get a decent burger. And when I say decent I mean amazing! Honest Burger on Meard Street is the place to go. Accept no substitutes.

3. Visit the Queen

Pop in if you can. I mean its only polite it is her country after all. She lives here. Say hi from me.

4. Get a stroll in a park

St James Park - Londons best

London is the greenest city for its size in the world with over 40% of Greater London being green to some description. Regent’s Park and St. James park are two of my favourites. Take time out to munch your burger or sip your coffee there.

5. Buy an Oyster Card

Buy an oyster card

Getting around London is easiest on the tube, buses or ”Boris Bikes” (cycle-hire from one of thousands of stations around town) and this is cheapest when you buy an oyster card. Top it up with cash and then zip around town by tapping in and out of all the barriers (or just ‘in’ on a bus) to get fares at about half the price of paying cash. Giving you more money to spend on coffee/burgers.

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