Freebies for FCPX

Free Things for Use With Final Cut Pro X

If you’re on the look out for some free generators, effects, and such for use in FCPX, then this round up of some of the best free downloads available on the net, should satisfy that search.

UPDATE – This post has been updated for 2015 here.

Free Generators For FCPX

Free Generators for FCPX

Ripple Training has a set of 12 free generators – things like bars and tone, lens flares, noise and shapes, which you can now use in FCPX.

Free Effects for FCPX

Free FCPX Effects

Alex Golner has a fantastic archive of 50+ effects, transitions and titles that you can download for free from his site. Its amazing how generous he is with the things he has painstakingly created including an aged film look, bad tv effect, animated curve controls, blurs and colour effects, masks and titles. It is a valuable resource for any FCPX editor.

Andy Mees has also released 3 great free plugins for FCPX including one that called Elastic Aspect which lets you stretch non 16:9 aspect ratio footage to fit. The other two free effects are a region tool to apply an effect only to a specific area and the last are a set of safe guides for on screen checking.

PremiumBeat has a link to a great free re-lighting tool from which lets you relight your shots with variable spot and point lights.

Free FCPX Filters

Motion Array has a set of free light streak transitions that you can download in exchange for a tweet or a like.  They’re a handy addition to any editors tool box.

CineFlare’s Free FCPX Downloads

Cineflare has a large collection of freebies for use in FCPX including light transitions, quick look grades, adjustment layers and split screen effects. If you’re editing in FCPX there’s no reason not to grab these great treats.

Cineflares free downloads


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