Free film production template to help organise your projects

Free film production Template to help organise your projects

Making use of the film production template

This film and video production template can be a useful resource to help shape your client relationships and get your film projects off to a good start by making sure you’ve nailed down all the important details for a project on paper, for all to see.

How to use the film production template

Download this free film and video production template to use with your own film projects. Take it with you to the first client meeting and fill it out with them on the spot. It covers everything from top level project information, designing the creative brief, establishing a budget breakdown and defining the final delivery specification to any other important notes and inspired scribbles you may need.

Download the free film production template

I’m happy to provide this template for free so do let me know if you found it useful in your production and post-production workflow!

Download Free Film Production Template Now >>

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