Grading in a hurry – Creative Looks in a Click

Quick Creative Looks in a Click

If you need to give you project a bit of polish in a flash then you might want to look into a ‘look packages’ like these Speedlooks from Look Labs. They are essentially drag and drop grading for both LOG and Linear footage. So whether you’re finessing a wedding video shot on DSLRs or adding a quick look to some flat dailies, chances are you can get the job done quickly and artfully with one of the 53 Looks, that are in either the SpeedLooks Studio Log or SpeedLooks Studio Linear packages.

Creative looks in a click

Because these look packages come as 3D LUT files you can use them in a whole range of programs from Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects to Avid, Resolve and FCPX. All in a couple of clicks. And what’s handy about about the Studio LOG package is that it combines a 2 LUT process, one to patch the LOG curve of the specific camera and the other to apply the unique look to the balanced footage. These can be of course be applied independently so you’re getting a whole bunch of really useful camera patches to kick start your grading, whether or not you go on to apply one of the SpeedLooks look. Twice the bang for your buck.

If you like the look of what Look Labs are offering, then you can grab an exclusive discount on both SpeedLooks LOG and Linear during the month of March as a result of Look Labs sponsorship of the blog. If you do the math you can either save $50 off the whole lot with Studio LOG or $25 off the Studio Linear package. Either way, you win!

In this tutorial from senior LookLabs colorist Jeff August, you can get a good sense of how to work with these looks in both Adobe Premiere and Adobe Speedgrade and how to use the direct link functionality to move back and forth between the programs. For more tutorials on working with SpeedLooks check out the tutorials page on the Look Labs site.

A Quick Note About Blog Sponsorship

I just wanted to highlight what Look Labs has to offer in this post, as a way of saying a huge thank you to the blog’s first ever sponsors. I’ve recently opened up the blog to sponsorship in an effort to justify (to my wife at least!) the huge amount of time I put into running the blog each month – something I absolutely love to do, but something I’m starting to need to bring into balance a little more with the priorities in my life. I’m grateful that the team from Look Labs have not only taken a punt on my blog, but also offered my readers a hefty discount on their products too, so be sure to take advantage of that, if you like what they have to offer.

My aim in attracting sponsors to the blog is to create a win-win-win situation. A win for you the readers who can grab discounts and access to products that will genuinely improve your creative output and day to day working life, a win for the sponsors in terms of reaching more people who love what they do, and a win for me, in terms of providing me with even more time to write even more blog posts.

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