A Complete Guide To Setting Up a Home Color Grading Suite

How to set up a colour grading suite

If you’ve ever wondered what it might take to set up a decent grading suite in your guest bedroom then this post from Ryan E Walters on nofilmschool.com will provide you with all the details you could possibly ask for…

Ryan covers everything from paint to ipads and provides a detailed explanation of every part of his system. He also recommends some great color grading books including Alexis Van Hurkman’s awesome Color Correction Handbook.

Anatomy of an Imac Suite

Just as a quick follow on from the previous breakdown of a color grading suite, Walter Biscardi has an interesting dissection of one of his imac centric suites in his post house. Given that Resolve works on an imac and BMD have some great Thunderbolt breakout boxes what’s to stop you from adapting an imac into your home color grading suite? I’m not sure why this lady is editing with her coat on though as it can’t be that cold – she’s got flip-flops on.

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