Workflows for working with Arri & RED Raw footage

Arri Raw and RED Raw in Premiere Pro 6

Richard Harrington demonstrates in this short tutorial how to work with Raw footage in Premiere Pro.

Offline-Online RED FCP7 Workflow

If you’re looking to do an offline-online workflow with your RED Raw footage, to cut in something like FCP7, then check out Oliver Peter’s detailed article on doing just that. Oliver creates QT Proxy files with the free Red Cine-X Pro, edits in FCP and then conforms back to the Raw footage to grade with using Red Cine-x Pro again.

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  • We just shot on the RED Epic Weapon and had issues with “spanned clips”. We ended up stitching longer shots together in video post production. Not fun. Do you know if they have fixed this?
    Capitola Media LLC

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