The 2021 5DayDeal for Video Editors – An Unmissable Deal!

The 5DayDeal Video Creator’s Bundle is a once a year event that can save you, at the very least, over $2000 on some excellent post-production training and video creation assets PLUS you actually do some good in the world at the same time, because they give away 10% of the profits to charity.

The 5DayDeal sale ENDS June 8th Noon Pacific Time.

This year some of my favourite post-production training brands such as Film Editing Pro, Inside The Edit and Colour Grading Central are included in the bundle, making this deal too good to miss!

As an affiliate partner*, I had early access to the complete bundle in order to write this post, so I’ll take you inside the deal, highlight some of my favourite contributors and answer some common questions about how it all works.

Also just to say even though the prices in this post are in USD you can take advantage of the 5DayDeal sale from anywhere in the world.

Here’s what’s ahead in my video editor’s review of the 2021 5DayDeal Video Creators Bundle:

  • How you can get the Complete bundle for free and make $141 through simple arbitrage!
  • Is the 5 DayDeal a Scam?
  • Why you should do this – 5DayDeals’ massive Charity Impact
  • What’s in the 5DayDeal 2021 Video Creators Bundle?
  • 3 Reasons Editors Should Not to Miss This Deal – ITE, FEP and CGC on sale!
  • 5DayDeal Frequently Asked Questions and Critical Deadlines

The 5DayDeal works like this:

You have just 5 days (from today until June 8th Noon Pacific Time) to buy a massive bundle of training and assets for only $89, saving well over $2000, compared to buying everything separately.

The team behind 5DayDeal then give 10% of the sale’s profits to charity – which last year amounted to over $100,000!

*All this means is that I receive a commission for any referred sales at no added cost to you.

How to get the 5DayDeal Main or Complete Bundles, effectively, for free!

Whenever I use stock footage in a project, I invoice the client for those stock shots at cost.

This year the Complete Bundle contains two FilmPac credits for stock footage valued at $99 (HD Pacs) and $199 (4K Pacs) for a total value of $298.

With a simple bit of arbitrage you can get the Complete bundle for free and make $141.

To be clear:

You pay $157 for the Complete Bundle.

You get $298 worth of stock footage credits.

You use those credits on a project within the next 3 months and charge the client for them at cost, receiving $298.

You use that $298 to refund yourself the $157 bundle cost and keep the $141 difference!

It is that simple.

If you only buy the main bundle for $89 you’ll still get $99 worth of FilmPac credits for HD stock shots so you can still do this, you’ll only make $10 difference and only get the assets in the main bundle.

Having reviewed FilmPac in this post Comparing High-End Stock Footage Sites, I know it has a wide range of excellent stock footage to choose from, so I’m confident this little arbitrage play will work for most editors who use stock footage from time to time.

Read my full review of FilmPac here but three quick reasons it’s a valuable stock site:

  • Each Pac contains multiple clips (at least 3, average of 9, sometimes dozens!) from the same shoot so you can build a realistic sequence.
  • Preview files are delivered in the same resolution as the full quality clips, which means they will match the framing and any post-moves seamlessly when you replace them.
  • The range of content is really impressive and FilmPac seemed to have every random thing I search for, all with really stunning cinematography.

Two critical points to doing this:

Any of the products in the 5DayDeal bundles that require a registration code to activate must be activated within 3 months of the end of the deal. There isn’t really a reason not to do this straight away as it only takes a couple of clicks.

Secondly, the FilmPac coupon codes that are generated must be used within 3 months.

So if you don’t have a suitable client project come up, at least use them to buy a couple of Pacs of stock shots you’re likely to be able to use (and charge a client for) in the future such as an abstract element, people shaking hands or a city aerial etc.

Is the 5DayDeal a Scam?

Maybe I’m too cynical but part of me wondered, is a scam? Do they really give the money to charity?

If I’m going to share this with my readers, I can’t be in any doubt that it isn’t!

Here’s why it’s not.

1. You can’t run a massive industry-wide and very public bundle sale, which necessitates the involvement of dozens of unique contributing partners, for more than 7 years and maintain a fraud. There’s just too many people involved and it’s too public!

2. Last year alone nearly 8,000 people took advantage of the huge discounts on offer in the 5DayDeal which amounts to a decent amount of ‘social proof.’

3. Most persuasively for me, it just so happens that I have edited videos for one of their charity partners, The Kilgoris Project (TKP). So before agreeing to share the 5DayDeal on my site, I emailed Kilgoris to ask “Did they really give you the money?”

Yes, definitely.

5DayDeal has given generously to TKP before – in those amounts you mentioned.

Such a great organisation!”

– Zach Carpenter, Kilgoris Director of Finance

I was glad to have some outside confirmation that they really are giving the money to charity, and this made me even more eager to share the deal with you because the charity impact is what I appreciate most about the 5DayDeal.

Why you should Buy the 5DayDeal – Charity Impact

Yes, the 5DayDeal is awesome because it gives you the chance to snap up a real bargain, investing not only in your own career development but also supporting your favourite training brands but most importantly you get to support some amazing charities doing incredible work around the globe.

To date 5DayDeal have given well over $2 million dollars to charity!

Each year the 5DayDeal team select specific charity partners to donate to and this year they have chosen the following charities:

Village Impact partners with vulnerable communities and local governments to build schools in conflict-affected communities in rural Kenya, and supply them with everything they need to flourish.

Mercy Ships® brings hope and healing to the forgotten poor by mobilising people and resources worldwide, and serving all people without regard for race, gender, or religion. They do this with a big, white, state-of-the-art hospital ship that delivers free life changing surgeries to those that have no access to healthcare.

Orbis is an international nonprofit organisation that brings people together to fight avoidable blindness. With their network of partners they mentor, train and inspire local eye care teams to fight blindness in their own communities.

The  5DayDeal Foundation exists to lend a helping hand to scientific, environmental, humanitarian and other charitable causes worldwide.  They do this via donations made possible by the purchases of 5DayDeal customers around the world.

But as charitable giving is such a personal decision, given that most of us have specific issues or causes that mean more to us, one of the things I appreciated about the 5DayDeal checkout process is that you get to choose where your impact goes.

What’s in the 2021 5DayDeal Video Creators Bundle?

So now that you know it’s a good deal and it’s a deal that’s going to do a lot of good, what do you actually get in the 2021 5DayDeal Video Creators Bundle?

A lot.

Like, way too much.

So much so, it’s actually split into three different bundle tiers:

  • The Main Bundle for only $89 saving over $2,000
  • The Pro Bundle for only $128 saving $890 more
  • The Complete Bundle for only $157 saving more than a whopping $4,000 in total!

I’ll get to the insane amount of valuable content that’s in the Complete Bundle, but four easy reasons for editors to buy even just the Main Bundle for only $89 would be:

Inside The Edit Bootcamp – Observational Editing + Pace & Timing ($199) – This is actually two different classes; Actuality: Mastering the Art of Observational Editing and Pace & Timing: Elite Level Tempo Design.

Each one is runs for four hours with masterful instructor and highly experienced broadcast editor Paddy Bird. These classes are live recordings of Inside The Edit Bootcamps, which includes questions and answers from the participants.

I’m a big fan of the full Inside The Edit course and have reviewed it several times, Paddy has created an unparalleled documentary editing masterclass.

Color Grading Central’s – Color Grading Secrets Pro (normally $147) – 86 bite-sized lessons of colour grading training from professional colorist Denver Riddle, covering topics such as:

  • Color Correction with Scopes
  • Fixing Skin Tones & Secondary Color Corrections
  • Grading with LUTs
  • Shot Matching
  • Grading an Entire Scene Masterclass

You choose which application you’d like to take the course in (DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro or FCPX) so you can directly apply what you learn to your most used software, rather than having to try to ‘adapt the principles’.

AE Academy Vol 1: The Fundamentals (normally $197) – Perfect for beginners this 26 lesson course from Motion Science guides you through getting started in After Effects, understanding the interface, work with type, using Masks, Mattes and Shape Layers and building some real world projects.

FilmPack HD Stock Footage Pack (normally $99) – Choose from any $99 HD Standard License a-la-cart product.

If the bundle was only these four products at a total value of $642 you’d still be saving over $550!

But there’s still 11 other products included including LUT packs, editing effects, original royalty free music that I’ve not even mentioned.

3 Reasons to Upgrade to the Pro Bundle

I’m not sure why you wouldn’t want to leap straight to the Complete bundle, unless you never use stock footage, but here are three good reasons to upgrade to the Pro bundle for only $128, whilst still saving nearly $3,000.

Film Editing Pro – Introduction to DaVinci Resolve ($97) – This 6 lesson course delivers over an hour of concise focused training on how to get started with editing in DaVinci Resolve. It’s quite constrained in it’s scope, given how capable a program Resolve is, but everything I’ve ever seen from FEP has been excellent! Check out their free trailer editing course here.

Inside The Edit Bootcamp – Essential Picture Cutting Theory ($99) – 278 minutes with Paddy Bird with a deep dive into editing images.

Triune Films Tension SFX & Vision Lens Effects ($154) – 500+ tension drenched sound effects and 100 practically shot 4K lens effects, available in Pro Res.

There are also interesting courses from Eric Thayne of Cinema Mastery (Pro Editor – $47) and Parker Wallbeck’s Premiere Pro Editing Workflow ($129) which would be great for beginner editors.

But again, this is only scratching the surface of everything that’s included in the Pro upgrade, given it contains the Main Bundle too!

5DayDeal – Frequently Asked Questions and Critical Deadlines

Having read all of the FAQ questions and answers on the 5DayDeal site here are a couple of useful things you should know.

Once you’ve actually bought one of the 5DayDeal bundles all of the courses are initially accessed via the CreativeHighway platform. This will give you access to download the products, course files and also stream many of the video training lessons.

Critical Deadlines – You have one year to download everything and 3 months to activate any products that require a registration code. Some of the courses stream from the CreativeHighway platform only and you will have one year of access to these.

Given how much there is in the bundles, it is worth anticipating that it will take quite some time to download everything, should you wish to, and you might want to consider creating your own offline back up on specific drive to safe-guard your purchases and make the most of them.

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