How to convert .mts/m2ts footage on a mac for free

A client has given me stacks of footage shot using the AVCHD codec. This won’t export through Mpeg Streamclip (ever faithful though it normally is) but a work around is this…

1. Drop the files into Toast 9+ and save it as a DVD disc image.

2. Open the disc image (which will open like any other VTS_Folder) in mpeg stream clip and export to whatever you need.

3. To batch export: open mpeg stream clip, hit CMD+B to open the batch window. Grab all your .vob files in the finder window and drag them in. Apply your settings and set it off!


If you don’t have Toast 9+ you can also use the latest version of Handbrake to convert to H.264 and then use Mpeg Stream Clip to convert again to Prores. All for free.

Alternatively you can buy Clipwrap from Divergent Media for $49, which is a far more elegant solution, but not free.

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