Compressor 3x Crash Service Down Error

Fixing Compressor 3x Crash Service Down Error

Every now and then a mysterious error will appear whilst trying to compress a file with Apple’s Compressor 3.5. The mysterious error message just says ”3x Crash Service Down”.

A simple solution (thanks to Genius DV) is to reset the background processing in Compressor and resubmitting the job that caused the error in the first place.


  • Sometimes this happens because of issues with the source material, e.g. using SLR material and editing in native h.264 then exporting this.
    Check your reference file after exporting (file>export QT) make it self contained. Play it, if you get any green frames or other issues, try right clicking your sequence after editing and changing the format, maybe to pro res or something appropriate for your material. Render, then export again and encode. Long, i know but solves the issue usually.

    & Next time transcode before exporting

  • Hi Shabbir
    Do you mean turning off the anti-aliasing filter in Compressor? (or are you talking about the anti-aliasing filters in fcp with a ”send to compressor” going on?)

    Sometimes I get the 3x crash error without having any AA switched on. But thanks for adding a further solution!

  • The above fix did not help. However, TURNING OFF THE ANTI-ALISING seems to be working (the job just submitted is running fine thus far — previously it would have crashed in the first few seconds of submitting).

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