DaVinci Resolve Lite – more tutorials

Here is a decent 15 minute tutorial that will help you get started with using DaVinci Resolve Lite. Dan walks through how to get set up, bring in media and work with R3D footage.

More free DaVinici Resolve tutorials…

If you want more of these kind of useful Resolve tutorials, why not check out these other posts as previously blogged about, or check out the Colour Grading category.

Getting started with DaVinci Resolve Lite

DaVinci Resolve 8 Workshop – 2.5 hours with Colorist Patrick Inhofer

XML Roundtrip from FCP to Resolve and back…

DaVinci Resolve Color Grading Tutorials

Using Technicolor Cinestyle LUT in DaVinci Resolve Lite

Creating graded dailies as proxy files with DaVinci Resolve from Log footage

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