Using Technicolor Cinestyle LUT in DaVinci Resolve Lite

How to apply the Technicolor Cinestyle LUT in DaVinci Resolve Lite…

If you’re shooting with the Technicolor Cinestyle LUT on your HDSLR and want to apply the correct S-curve to your grade in DaVinci Resolve, David Griffiths over at has done all the hard work for you by creating a LUT file for the Technicolor Cinestyle that will work in DaVinci Resolve Lite…

Download it here, but be sure to check out David’s post for a full, step-by-step tutorial on how to install and make the most of it over on his site.


If you’re looking for free Film Emulation, Colour Grading and preset look LUTS then head over to this post –> Free Film LUTS for Editors, Colorists and DITs to download nearly 100 free LUTS!

The post also covers what a LUT actually is, how it works, tutorials for using them, organising them and even making your own.


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