Malware, down time and a better future

What’s with the Malware, Yo?

If you’re a super regular visitor to this site – and I hope you are! – then you might have noticed a few odd things going on in the past couple of days, like big fat red malware warnings from Google in your browser saying the site was dangerous and would eat your children.

Unfortunately, after four years of peacefully running this little old blog in my own small corner of the inter webs, it finally tripped it’s way into the sights of some large bot-net or other, and experienced a first taste of drive-by hacking. Although not really hacking, just a bit of SQL injection, probably, that didn’t really go anywhere. So it wasn’t such a big deal really, but it was annoying.

Not to worry though, it was all dealt with in swift fashion, and the site is now completely clean, and will remain that way as best as I can manage it. I just wanted to mention a couple of things I’ve done to improve things around here, just so you’re also in the loop dear reader.

  1. Beefed up security via my excellent hosting service – TSOHost, who I would heartily recommend to anyone wanting to host their own site, as their support team are impeccably generous with their time, patience and expertise.
  2. Signed up with a couple of security plugins for the site, notably Sucuri, which means that the whole site is being run through a cloud proxy firewall, which means greater security for you and also a faster response from the site, as it will be running through their speedy cache engines. So win-win all round.

So far I’ve been really impressed by both the Sucuri protection system and their support team. I also feel much more secure knowing that if anything does happen to the site, a real life human being who knows what they are doing will be there to sort things out.

That about wraps it up, and if this is the first you’re hearing about all this, then don’t worry about it at all and hurry along and enjoy the site!

Onwards and upwards, and thanks for visiting.


Ps – In the history of the blog this is the second post so far about the status of the site. Here is the first.

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