Understanding DCP – Digital Cinema Package

What is DCP and why is it the future?

Digital Cinema Package’s are the future of cinema projection (sadly – I love film!) but if you’re not up to scratch yet on what it is, how it works and how to make use of a DCP then these resources are for you.

Coloristos on DCP

In the latest episode of the Coloristo’s podcast the three amigos discuss DCP in detail and this is a great place to start if you want to get a lay of the land in the industry and the benefits of using DCP

DCP Feature Film Workflow

If you want to read through a complete workflow for using DCP to finish and project a feature film then The Film Bakery has a brilliant step-by-step walk through of their workflow for creating Digital Cinema Packages using Open DCP – which is a free to download here.

Video On Demand – The Web’s Version of DCP

If you’re interested in other aspects of digital (self) distribution then Jason Brubaker’s post on filmmakingstuff.com will get you started on the range of VOD options currently available. Jason discusses how anyone can distribute on Itunes, Amazon, Netflix and a plethora of other possibilities.

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