Todailes – Digital Dailies Ipad App

Todailies – Ipad App

LightIron Digital have released a $9.99 ipad app called Todailies which when coupled with a free laptop app called LightIron Server lets you wirelessly stream dailies to any connected ipad (several simultaneously) and allow different crew members to sort, label and organise the dailies and email that playlist of specific clips as an xml file, which can then be opened in any of the major NLE’s and reconnected to the full res footage.

Todailies Demonstration with Michael Cioni

At the last FCPUG meeting Michael Cioni gave a 40 minute demonstration of LightIron’s new Ipad app, demonstrating its simple to use, low cost and viable approach to digital production dailies. My only question is how to do you quickly create all those H.264s? I suppose something like the Turbo H.264 usb encoder is an affordable option…

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