Edit Suite Design

Designing your own edit suite

Oliver Peters has a great blog post with some tips on designing your own edit suite covering everything from un-interruptable power supplies to acoustics and how to best lay out your equipment.

Business Tips for film editors

Premium Beat also has a blog post of 10 useful, and variably obvious, tips on how to increase your editing productivity and profits. My favourite, because its true, is the one about avoiding diminishing returns.

Editors (and often our clients) can get so focused on one aspect of a project that the outcome doesn’t equal the time and energy invested.  When you think about applying the law of diminishing returns to your creative work, you’ll soon realize what’s most important.  Dedicating hours to perfect a matte or key may only produce slightly better results than if you had spent a half hour working on it.  It’s possible your audience wouldn’t even notice the marginal difference.


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