Setting up a Colour Grading Suite

How to set up a colour grading suite…

Carey Dissmore and Steve Oakley present a very down to earth run through, of what it takes to set up a colour grading suite based on DaVinci Resolve. They discuss equipment (graphics cards, CPU’s, systems etc), grading panels, grading monitors and, eventually, grading techniques in a very even handed fashion, expecting many people to want to learn Resolve without investing thousands of dollars/pounds in the process.

Update: Although this post is now a little old, and the guys are working with DaVinci Resolve 8, a lot of the information and tips in this series is still worth taking in.

Color Grading Workflow & Basics

Setting Up a DaVinci Resolve Grading System

Choosing Grading Monitors & Controllers

Color Grading Shootout

Here is the final part of the series where both Steve and Carey grade the same two projects and comparing the results. It provides a realistic window into the stylistic choices and real world factors that shape a grade.

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