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Final Cut Pro X Resources for Film Editors

In order to gather the best of the web for post on this blog I often store away links ready to be curated into a specific post. Lately I’ve collected so many links for Final Cut Pro X that I’ve decided to group them all together into a long list of how-to tutorials and resources. This might require a bit more browsing from you, dear reader, but hopefully you’ll discover a few treasures along the way!

FCPX – Editing Tips and Tricks

Turn on “Clip Skimming” Option-Command S and you can see your timecode for each clip in the toolbar timecode window. Via @ChrisFenwick

Getting Organised in FCPX Part 1 | Part 2

How to spellcheck your text in FCPX

Copy and Paste Attributes in FCPX

Creating freeze frames in FCPX

Understanding Optical Flow in FCPX

Using FCPX Customisable ‘Placeholder’ Generator

FCPX Multi-cam Demo from Ben Consoli

Controlling background rendering in FCPX

Adjustment layers in FCPX

Event Library Tips

Performing a Replace edit in FCPX

FCPX 2 Point Edit Tutorial

How to Nudge Clips in FCPX 

Working with Layered Photoshop Files in FCPX

Animating Stills in FCPX

Creating A Motion Path in FCPX

Deleting Render Files in FCPX 

A whole bunch of random tips from Larry Jordan | More Tips from Larry

Learning FCPX in 10 minutes

FCPX Metadata Tips

Modifying Metadata views in FCPX

Working with Custom Resolutions and Frame Rates in FCPX

Understanding Smart Collections in FCPX

Working with Markers in FCPX

Free App – My Files lists every file used in a project or event – Quick Tutorial

FCPX Tips and Tricks

In any text field, if you type a letter and then press escape a list of suggestions shows up. Good for keywords. Via interfacelab.net

Audio in FCP X

Managing Audio Layers in FCPX

Export Multi channel Audio from FCPX

Using Audio Filters in FCPX

Adjusting Volume Keyboard Shortcuts

Match EQ in FCPX

Relink Audio in FCPX

Colour Correction in FCPX

Larry Jordan – Color Correct a scene in FCPX

Secondary Color Correction in FCPX

Using Mask Shapes for Color Correction

Creating the Pleasantville Look in FCPX

Mark Spencer on Mac World – CC in FCPX

PremiumBeat – 10 Great FCPX Colour Correction Tutorials

FCPX Exporting Tips

Understanding the Share Menu in FCPX

Text Message Notifications When Share Menu Finishes

Exporting A Project Region

Larry Jordan – High Speed Export Trick

Larry Jordan’s Recommended Way to Export

Larry Jordan – FCP X: 5 Tips to Faster Exports

Larry Jordan on FCP X: Export Problems

Larry Jordan – Exporting Burned In Time Code

How to archive projects in FCPX

Trouble Shooting FCPX

This section is composed almost entirely of links from one of editing guru Larry Jordan’s free newsletter, which as you can see is well worth signing up for. Larry covers tons of applications from Apple and Adobe and his training is always easy to follow and will help you get up to speed quickly. You can find Larry’s training both on his site and Lynda.com.

I’ve written a lot about trouble-shooting Final Cut — in addition to providing a brand-new article on resolving a corrupted Project database with this issue.

Corruption of any file generally occurs because there was a faulty save over the top of a good version of the file. This is usually because of a failing or over-full hard drive. If you don’t have a backup strategy, then create a Time Machine backup system just for this situation.

Apple Knowledge Base Article – Trouble-shooting FCP X Basics

Apple Support for Final Cut Pro X

Larry Jordan – Trouble-Shoot Your System in Five Steps

Larry Jordan – Improve the Performance of Final Cut Pro X

FCPX Can’t Open a project?

As a note, hard disks often retain cache files in their internal RAM. To totally release those cache files, turn off your computer and hard disk for at least 30 seconds before turning the hard disk on, first, then restarting the computer.

Best Practices for Updating FCPX


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