DaVinci Resolve Colour Grading Tutorials

Color Grading Tutorials for DaVinci Resolve

Mixing Light - Color Grading Tutorials

Mixing Light is an up and coming new color grading membership forum from Patrick Inhoffer, Robbie Carman and Dan Moran. They’re releasing a few teasers to get people interested and its worth signing up to the newsletter to get these as and when they get posted. There is an excellent interview with ICA colorist Warren Eagles, a quick tip on organising your grades in Resolve and a video tutorial on how to add camera shake to a static shot.

How to add camera shake to a shot in davinci resolve

Creating Dailies in DaVinci Resolve – 2 Part Video Tutorial

Andy Shipsides, from the ever excellent Abel Cine, has a great two part tutorial on creating sync’d audio dailies in DaVinci Resolve. In part one Andy demonstrates how to sync the audio and in part 2 Andy adds Look Up Tables and some one light color correction. In the tutorial Andy uses Canon Raw, 10-bit uncompressed and Blackmagic Design’s Cinema Camera Raw footage.

Syncing Audio Dailies in DaVinci Resolve

Adding LUTS in DaVinci Resolve

How to get started as a Colorist

The latest episode of The Coloristos is a discussion of how the three Coloristos (Josh Petok, Juan Salvo and Jason Myres) got started as professional colorists, how they developed their skills, got their first jobs and advanced to where they are today. They share some great tips on handling clients, time management and working in the industry.

Free Technical Paper – Colour From Your Monitor to the Big Screen

The Visual Effects Society has released a free 54 page white paper on the detailed technical and scientific issues at play on the colour path from your monitor to the big screen. If you want to learn about colour science, colorimetry and the workflow issues colour management this is well worth a read. If you want more resources on this topic check out CinematicColor.com

Free white paper on cinematic colour workflow

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