Creating the sound design for a promo for Sound Design

The Sound Design for a Promo for Rampant Design Film Editor’s Sound Effects Packs

Alan Pfiel from Rampant Design has a good tutorial on how he created the sound design for the promo film for Rampant Design’s SoundFX for Editors Vol 1.

Here is the original 40 second promo

Using Itunes to catalogue your sound effects

On the Rampant Design site there is also a short tutorial on how to make the most of Itunes to create handy catalogues of all your favourite sound effects as finding the one you want is always what takes the most time.

Rampant Design has a huge selection of stock elements of things like light leaks, dust and film scratch effects, flash transition, stock music, sound effects packs (600+ clips each) and tonnes more besides, so if you’re in need of some stock elements, effects, particles or scores they’re likely to have what you’re looking for somewhere in their arsenal.

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