Affordable Colour Grading Monitors

Which color grading monitor should I use?

If you’re trying to figure out which colour grading monitor to choose for your “small edit suite set up” then these resources should help you get started…

UPDATE – I’ve subsequently written a much more detailed and up to date post for 2015 and beyond:

Check it out here

In this 2 hour MacBreak studio Alexis Van Hurkman talks through almost everything you could want to know about setting up a colour grading system for smaller budget sizes. Skip to 58 minutes in for color grading for the web and 1 hour and 3 minutes for Alexis’ take on affordable colour grading monitors. Grab a pen and paper if you want to make a note of all the models and brands he mentions!

Alexis also has a great blog post (slightly old now but still a good basis to go from) on his thought on which affordable monitors to choose and what to consider when making that choice.

Aaron Williams, who always has great tips on achieving specific looks, provides his thoughts on the necessity of a calibrated monitor and how to calibrate them.

Color grading for the web & from laptops etc

The discussions on the web can get pretty (needlessly) heated about what qualifies as ‘professional’ equipment. Thankfully a few pragmatic individuals are happy to offer their opinions on affordable solutions for different levels of budgets and Shane Ross is kind enough to offer some (below) and on this extensive Creative Cow thread

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