The Future of Cinema Sound?

Dolby Atmos – the sound of the future?

Wired magazine has a great article on the behind the scenes work that has gone into the development and roll out of Dolby’s new sonic cinema experience Dolby Atmos.

With the future of cinema being fully digital with ever increasing frame sizes, sound has yet to really catch up with any great technological leaps. Dolby Atmos may well become that new leap, taking its cues from the world of video game ‘object’ based audio experiences.

Pixar’s Brave – The first Dolby Atmos feature

As the Wired article mentions Pixar’s Brave is the first feature film to make use of the technology and Michael Colman’s always excellent SoundWorks Collection provides a great insight into the sound design work on the film and the Dolby creative Atmos process (about 8 minutes in).

Headphones for Sound Designers

As a quick aside its interesting to note that Brave’s sound designer E.J. Holowicki is wearing some Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro’s – which are the headphones that I eventually went with in the conclusion to my ‘Best headphones for film editors‘ blog post. Glad to see they really do meet the approval of seasoned Hollywood professionals!

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