What to watch on Amazon Prime Instant Video

The Best Films and TV on Amazon Prime Instant Video

Finding something worth watching on Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, BlinkBox etc. can be a challenge that consumes half of your evening. Here are a few things I’ve really enjoyed and would highly recommend on Amazon Instant Video, which you get bundled in with your Amazon Prime account.

If you happen to have a month of nothing planned, then sign up for a free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime, and just immediately turn off the repeat billing, and then enjoy a month of free TV and films! Plus you’ll get free two-day delivery on any Amazon Prime item, during that month too.

As I live in the UK my recommendations are based on what’s available here, and what looks good from a far.

The content does change over time with films coming on and off the catalogue – which is why it’s worth having a year’s membership – and new Amazon original content is created too, the pilots of which you can vote on if you think they are worth of a series. Oh the power!

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YES! As of October 16th Mr. Robot, the acclaimed hacker series, is finally available on Amazon Prime UK.

The Best Films To Watch on Amazon Prime

Great Films Worth Watching:

Argo | In The Name of The Father | 21 Grams | The Hurt Locker | Mystic River | Inside Llewyn Davis | The Counterfeiters | The Wrestler | Lantana | Being John Malkovich | Primer | La Haine | Raising Arizona | In America |

For entertainment value:

Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows | The Dark Knight Rises | Rush | Source Code | The Fifth Estate | Snatch | Inception | Green Zone | The Edge | Match Stick Men | Pacific Rim |

With the better half:

The Imitation Game | Scott Pilgrim Vs The World | It’s Complicated | Hitchcock | Almost Famous | Scent of a Woman | Amelie | Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind | Punch Drunk Love | Garden State | Don Juan DeMarco |

With the kids:

Wreck It Ralph | Paddington | Despicable Me | The Santa Clause | Happy Feet 2 |

TV Series Worth Watching on Amazon Instant Video

There are plenty of TV shows on Amazon Prime – and more coming as Amazon Studios tries to produce it’s way into being the next HBO. From my perspective the things that have been worth watching are Bosch – a detective series based on the best selling books by Michael Connelly,  Halt and Catch Fire – a well acted, nicely shot drama about the high pressure world of the computer industry on the cusp of greatness in the 80s*, the sweet and cheerful (just stick with it till season 2 gets going!) Parks and Recreation  – light easy viewing at 20 minutes an episode, and more than anything else, the slow, brooding, addictive, legendary –  The Wire.

*For some reason Halt and Catch Fire seems to be available in the UK and not in the US under Amazon Prime. It too has a nice opening title sequence.


The Best Documentaries on Amazon Instant Video

Tim’s Vermeer – ok it’s not actually on Amazon Prime, but it’s really good and you can buy it for a few quid and it’s so good! The Jay-Z Ron Howard mash up that is Made In America. So the documentary list is actually a little thin on the ground at the minute. Hopefully things will improve! The list is also quite different on the UK/US divide and might require a bit of further investigation.

Suggest Your Favourites

So these are my favourites – what are yours? Hit the comments to recommend some quality viewing for the rest of us…

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