Twitter Tips for FCPX Editors – Part 2

Twitter Tips for FCPX Editors

When it comes to tips on editing, the best ones often come from editors who are working in your NLE of choice day in and day out. They’ll stumble over something they didn’t know was possible, or come up with a clever solution to something that annoys everyone. These tips can be gold to a frustrated editor!

In this post I’ve collected together some great tips for FCPX editors from other FCPX editors who tweet. This is part 2, because way back when I put together an FCPX Twitter Tips Part 1.

In this opening video from Steve Martin of Ripple Training at the most recent FCPeXchange, you can pick up 28 minutes worth of ‘power tips’ whilst Steve edits an entire video without trying to touch the mouse!

It’s pretty phenomenal to see how far he gets with only a slew of keyboard shortcuts. This might not be the fastest way to edit (there’s a lot of arrow presses to navigate through clips), but you’ll definitely learn a lot! This video would really benefit with someone going through it and visually adding the keyboard shortcuts as he uses them…

For more in-depth FCPX training from Steve check out

The FCPX Creative Summit is the end of this month, 27-30th October 2016 and features both Sam Mestman and Steve Martin.

Troubleshooting FCPX Common Problems

fixing common fcpx problems

FCPX Editor T. Payton shares 11 troubleshooting tips for tackling common problems that might trip you up in FCPX over on the blog. If you get stuck with something not working ‘as it should’ check out his excellent post for some sage advice!

Here’s a quick selection of just some of the scenarios covered, and solved:

  • Symptom #2: A function stopped working, or is performing strangely, or FCPX crashes.
  • Symptom #3: Timeline won’t render and/or share. Crash during playback of rendered area.
  • Symptom #7: Not being able to open a Library or even a Library backup. Inability to render a section. Share fails midway.
  • Symptom #8: Crash or hang when opening a Project timeline, Crash when using specific a specific plugin, kernel panic, extreme slowdowns. is an award winning video review service (that recently raised $10 million of investment funding) that I’ve previously reviewed in this post comparing all the major video review services.

FCPX Gif Tips

Gif tips for FCPX Editors

In this collection of gif-tips from Fcpxpert Charlie Austin you an learn some helpful insights for better editing in FCPX all in short animated gif form! Check out Charlie’s blog post for more of these great tips.

gifs for fcpx

FCPX tips

fcpx tips

Tips for FCPX Editors from Twitter

The best way to get the most out of a post like this is to browse your way through the list, click on the date stamps to jump to the full conversations and follow the editors with the best tips for more regular insights.

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