Tips for Successful Freelancing has 10 tips on becoming a successful freelancer, my favourite if you’re just starting out is the idea of writing in depth proposals to describe what your imagination can reach but your portfolio can’t quite back up yet.

Business tips for freelancers

The most critical tip in my book would be number 9: Pay your taxes. My own tip would be to create a second bank account for your taxes and when you get paid, move 30% of your pay over to your tax account and don’t touch it until it’s time to pay the man. Also get yourself an accountant to help you make sure you’re getting all the deductions you can (and an external proof of income when it comes time to buy a house etc). With 30% of your gross income put aside, after you pay your taxes you should have a little bit left over to get that thing you’ve had your eye on…

Here are some more tips that I have blogged about previously… 12 freelance best practice business tips.

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